Thursday, September 2, 2010

My dots

My circle or dots experience was something. Once again was not really sure what we were going to accomplish but as I read the readings that where posted I caught the gist of the whole idea. I can not say I had a ball coloring circles but it was cool. My critique that I received from my fellow art lovers and classmates was very true or accurate. They pointed out that I had  not did  a lot of big dots or circles in my drawings. What I would say the reason or possible reason for that is one of two things. One is that the big circles to longer and more sharpie to fill in. Two is that I am not a big on big things. I see the big circles as me being noticed and standing out. Also my classmates mentioned that I used the small circles sparingly. In some ways I can see what they say but sparingly was little difficult for me because I thought I had less negative space unless I interpreted their critique the wrong way. Also there was a counter judgment with that another said that a lot of space instead a decent amount. But loved hearing everything that each classmate had to say that way I can grow and develop at what I do best. There was one last one that almost contradicts its self was that I had similar sizes but variety. I assume they may almost all be the same size but it is something about them that makes it a variety.

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