Friday, November 19, 2010


I especially enjoyed the lecture today mainly because it relates to me. Specifically I love the composition of Henri Cartier Bresson. It was great to see how everything in the photo works well with the picture nothing isn't contributing to this work of art.  The picture that was called the accident was a great picture. In the pick you can see one guy peaking out for the crowd looking at the camera. It is always that one person out of the whole crowd being especially noisy. Also its in a way funny because you have this murder scene and this guy is trying to get his face in the picture be known. Walker Evans had some interesting photos too. I don't agree with the copying of Walker Evans photography of the lady. I personally cherish each and every photo I do good and bad. But for someone to copy it and call their own and get credit makes me far from angry. Richard Prince cigarette ad photo was nice mainly because I like cowboys and motion. Cindy Sherman woman in a sun dress was a little disturbing  along with the piece daughter of something

Some Contemporary Photo-Based Art
Reading assignment:
Susan Sontag on photography ch 1
Writing Assignment:

Sherry leven
Richard Prince
Henri Cartier- Bresson
Walker Evans
Cindy Sherman
Sandy Scoglen
Thomas Donaon
Jeff Wall
Robert M.
Wolfgang Tillmans

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