Sunday, December 12, 2010


Feminism – first wave

1.   Essentials -- identity
a.    The personal
b.   The body
c.    Sexuality
d.   Vaginal iconography
e.    Discover iconography/images that represented essential nature of woman (from woman’s view point not mans)
f.     Affirm/celebrate female attributes
g.    Distinguish art of women from men -- Separate art?

2.   material/technique
3.   activism (tended towards performance)
a.    urgent need to find voice
b.   voice concerns as women (from the uniquely woman’s view)
c.    reveal the history and nature of the repression of women
d.   reveal discrepancies between stereotypical images of women they encountered in art and media vs what women actually felt and experienced
e.    undertook to counter male  representation of women through invented
f.     engage public more immediately
g.    create “sisterhood”
4.   distinguish art of women from men

  1. How is a woman's gaze different from a man's? How does that difference influence the ways in which the two genders view the world? And how they view art?
  2. What constitutes obscenity and pornography? Where do they come from? What are their results? Are they always transgessive? What place do they have in art?

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